As with all Societies we have collected a variety of material in media of all sorts over the years. This page attempts to provide a repository where members past, present and future can delve into the past and see what we got up to.

Foundation of the Society

The Society was founded in 1948 by a group of local amateurs led by Stan Dutton. The video below was produced by Alan Warne G4EZO in 1988 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Society. The video is important in that it captures a lot of information from members no longer with us and includes images and cine footage that are not in the Society's archives. The original production was in VHS so the video quality is not up to modern standards.


Newsletters of the past

The editions reproduced below date to between 1950 and 1984 therefore providing a unique record of the Society from its earliest days. Production techniques were primitive by today's standards and it is a testament to the enthusiasm and ingenuity of past Editors that they were produced at all. It is believed that other newsletters were published but not retained in the Societies Archives. Anyone who does have a copy of an old Newsletter is encouraged to contact the Hon Sec.

1950 May July August October December    
1951 April May June July/August September Oct/Nov  
1952 January February July December      
1953 January February August        
1954 February March September October      
1957 January            
1959 March November          
1960 February            
1969 February July August        
1970 November            
1972 January            
1983 February March April May/June July/August Sept/Oct December
1984 Winter            


The Vintage Wireless Collection of G3ETH.

Long time member John Goldberg, G3ETH, who died in 2012, made a video of his extensive Vintage Wireless collection in 1993. The video, produced by Dave, G6IFA has been cut into two parts with Part 1 available for all to see by clicking on the play button below. Part 2 will follow in due course.


Inauguration of Basil O'Brien as RSGB President 1981

In 1981 The Society hosted the inauguration of Basil O'Brien G2AMV as RSGB President at the Queens Hotel in Chester. We provided 2m talk in facilities and played an important role in making Basil's big day a success. Archive footage of the event can be viewed below.




DXpeditions Past.

Members of the Chester & District Radio Society having been visiting far flung places to put our call signs (G3GIZ and G8GIZ) on the air from the early 1960's. Much of the photographic and video evidence of these trips has either been lost or suffers from the poor quality 8mm Cine film and VHS Video provided. The video below brings together extracts from some of the video taken and starts with a few photographic memories. It also emphasises the need for employing professional presenters.



Japanese Morse by Norman Kendrick G3CSG

A favourite speaker who visited the club many times in the 1970's and 1980's was Norman Kendrick G3CSG from The Wirral Club. Norman had been posted to the Far East during WW2 and had a feast of stories recalling his time there. Notable among these were his reminiscences of monitoring Japanese military communications using CW. This two part recording from 1981 in MP3 format recalls one such lecture given at the Chester YMCA on 20th January 1981. For those listening today you will appreciate that some of the material and comments made then would not be acceptable by today's standards of taste and decency. If you think you might be offended please don't listen. There is a short silence at the beginning of the audio in Part 2. The introduction to Part 1 is by the then Chairman Dave G4JMF.

Part 1 (47 mins running time)

Part 2 (40 mins running time - Note silent intro)