Previous Events


The Society has a varied and interesting programme of events throughout the year as illustrated by the photos below. Older archive material can be accessed by clicking here. The most recent pictures are at the top of the page.



Once again we took the opportunity for getting thoroughly soaked with mild hypothermia by operating portable using the call GB4SWM during "Mills On The Air" weekend on 12th May. In the event blue skies and barmy temperatures graced the event which was enjoyed by all.
Pictured right (top & bottom left) is Keith 2E0IHO operating assisted by Keith GW4OKT, top right is Bruce M0CVP on the mike with Phil G8IPT logging and bottom right Bruce has it all to himself! A decent turn out of members helped in making contact with many other special event stations during the day.
Tuesday 7th May saw a return to Frodsham Hill for the 2M FMAC & UKAC activity night. Although the evening was dry and fairly sunny the evening chill prompted an early bath for those intrepid members attending .Pictured (R) is Phil G8IPT operating the IC706Mk2G and the 2m 5el beam and vertical antennas.
Enjoying a short break in Wells-Next-the-Sea our Chairman Ian M1ICL is pictured calling into our regular 40m net on 7th May from one of famous beach huts at the resort. His TCVR was a KN-990, antenna Komunica HF-PRO-2 Plus vertical with sliding coil, Anker Solix 800 power box and Mydel PS-1335 switch mode psu.
Hard on the heels of our quiz with Wrexham was the delayed return fixture with Wirral & District Amateur Radio Society on 16th April. Another pleasant evening of renewing old friendships and friendly competition. Pictured left to right are Wirral;Neil M0WBG, TBC, Gordon G8MMM, Dave GW4XIH (Question Master) and Chester; Ian M1ICL, Bruce M0CVP and Phil G8IPT.
On 19th March we rejoined battle with Wrexham & Marches Amateur Radio Club in another friendly quiz. A testing evening resulted with egos battered and illusions crushed and that was only for members of the audience. Pictured right to left are Karl M0TVO, Mark, MW1MDH, Bill GW8HPL, Dave GW4XIH (Question Master), Ian M1ICL, Bruce M0CVP and Phil G8IPT.
The first surplus sale of the year was held on Tuesday 30th January with some excellent bargains for the keen eyed. Pictured here is Dave G4JMF in his customary role as auctioneer getting us all to dig deep. A certain reticence by some to be pictured here no doubt stems from the keen eye kept on the proceedings by station managers. Photos Courtesy of Keith GW4OKT.
Our annual construction competition was held on 16th January with judging by Dave Wilson M0OBW ably assisted by Kath Wilson M1CNY. Scooping 1st and 3rd places was Barney M7PBX with his homebrew ATU and portable power supply. Dave G4JMF took 2nd place. All entrants will be describing there various masterpieces on Tuesday 23rd January.  


Saturday 26th August saw the annual British Inland Waterways on the Air event taking place over the bank holiday weekend. We revisited a favourite location of the Chester Motor Boat Club with Geoff GW0ISE, John M0VAZ, Phil G8IPT, Bruce M0CVP and Paul G3TZO in attendance. Using the clubs Elecraft K3 and Hustler 6BTV Vertical we worked over 30 stations during the day.
On 13th July the Society rejoined in some friendly quizzing with the Wrexham & Marches Amateur Radio Society at their HQ in Chirk. Quizmaster Dave, GW4XIH put the teams through their paces with some challenging questions set by Keith, GW4OKT.
Pictured right is the Chester team of Bruce M0CVP, Ian M1ICL and Phil G8IPT. The Wrexham & Marches team comprised Bill GW8HPL, Carl MW0TVO and Malcolm GW0WZZ. Members of both clubs had a good rag chew before proceedings commenced (bottom right)
The 40m (7.136MHz) SSB Net on Tuesday 11th July was joined by Country Member 2M0AMD from close to his workplace at Lossiemouth in Moray. Propagation was excellent with Andy getting good reports from net control Chris G0PJX, Bruce M0CVP, Dave G4JMF, Ian M1ICL and Paul G3TZO. Andy was using an FT991A, with a 40m Hamstick on his VW Van pictured right.
Operating as GX5CH/P from IO83PG the Society joined in the fun of the UKAC Activity contest on 4th July using both FM and SSB with an IC706 and 5 ele beam. Members taking part were Bruce M0CVP, Dave G4JMF, Chris G0PJX, Andy 2M0AMD, Barney G7PBX, Ian M1ICL, Dave GW4XIH, Paul G3TZO, Trevor G7REV and Geoff GW0ISE. It was nice to be visited by Keith GW4OKT to whom thanks are given for the photos top right and left and bottom left. The remaining photo is courtesy of Ian M1ICL. A good evening was had by all!!
Tuesday June 6th was the date for a much anticipated lecture by our President Dr Brian Austin G0GSF entitled "Broadband Antennas for HF". There were lots of questions and interaction with Brian as the lecture unfolded and everyone left the meeting a little wiser than when they arrived.
On Tuesday 30th May we sent a detachment of members to activate the hill behind Frodsham known as Forest Hills. Brilliant weather encouraged a great turn out numbering; Chris G0PJX, Ian M1ICL, Bruce M0CVP, Dave G4JMF, Phil G8IPT, Peter G4YCA, Barney M7PBX, Paul G3TZO, John M0VAZ, Dave GW4XIH, Trevor G7REV and Steve G6FDK.
Radio conditions were reasonable with most people working a good few stations before the evening chilled and the light dipped. Photos Paul G3TZO
May 14th was the date of "Mills on the Air" with the Society using the call GB4SWM from Stretton Water Mill again. Pictured right and below are G4JMF, G0PJX, M1ICL, G8IPT, GW0ISE, M0CVP and G3TZO activating the Society's Elekraft K3 using a Doublet and Hustler 6BTV Vertical antenna.
Despite poor conditions a good time was had by all. Pictures courtesy of Chris G0PJX and Geoff GW0ISE.
Tuesday 21st March saw the first of the 2023 biannual inter club quizzes with the Wirral & District Amateur Radio Society. An enjoyable evening with another close contest ensued. Pictured right are members of both teams with Paul G0JZP presenting the trophy to Phil G8IPT. Question Masters were Simon G6XHF and Dave GW4XIH.


On 29th November we gathered for the Annual Construction Competition which attracted a number of interesting entries. The overall winner, as judged by Brian Austin G0GSF, was Dave G4JMF who is pictured here receiving the trophy from Brian. Dave will talk about his project (an active speaker for a military man pack) on 24th Jan 2023.  
November 9th saw the long awaited resumption of our friendly inter club quizzes with Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club. After a titanic tussle and by the closest of margins the honours went to Chester. WADARC Chairman Paul G0JZP is pictured here with the Chester team of Dave G4JMF, Bruce M0CVP and Paul G3TZO.  
At our meeting on 18th October we had an interesting and topical talk entitled "The Solar Powered Shack" by Geoff GW0ISE. Geoff is pictured at the end of the talk with his home brew DC Interface Unit used to connect the solar panel located in the garden to the LiPo battery powering gear in the shack.
At the end of May 2022 our "Country Member" Andy 2M0AMD was touring the Orkney Islands. Pictured here by the Scapa Distillery on the shores of Scapa Flow he is pictured working club members from the Society including Dave G4JMF, Chris G0PJX and Bruce M0CVP. Good reports both ways with his FT991 and whip antenna.  
It was Mills on the Air day on 7th May which coincided with superb weather and an opportunity to revisit Stretton Water Mill. The Societies Doublet and 6BTV Vertical were pressed into action using the Elecraft K3. Members can be seen right enjoying the spring sunshine. Photos courtesy of Keith GW4OKT.
On 26th April we had an open discussion primarily on HF antennas led by Bill G6ATO. in the picture right he is demonstrating his new loop antenna which is currently being evaluated and tested. Following this session Phil G8IPT introduced us to the popular MMANA-GAL antenna modeling software. Check the link above for more details.  
After another voluntary suspension of meetings we resumed again in February with our Annual Construction Competition. A decent number of entries was received for our judge Brian Austion G0GSF to cast his experienced eye over. The winning entry was by Dave G4JMF with a channels AM transmitter. Check the video right to see Brian's comments.  


As if awoken from a long sleep we had our first informal get together at Stretton Mill on 8th August. The first time we had met in person since February 2020. The object of the exercise was to test our Hustler 6-BTV Vertical antenna. Despite dire predictions of monsoon conditions from the Met Office our new antenna was assembled in good order and is pictured right with Phil G8IPT and Jeff MW6OVT.  


Tuesday 7th January 2020 saw the inaugural interclub quiz with Wrexham Amateur Radio Club. An interesting & enjoyable evening for all with scores unimportant on the night. Both clubs resolved to reverse the fixture for a date in the Summer at Brymbo. Pictured right are the teams Mark, MW1MDH, Carl MW0TVO, Simon MW0XAD, Paul G3TZO, Bruce M0CVP and Dave G4JMF. Our question master was Dave GW4XIH.  


Our Annual Xmas Social was held at Cheshire View, Christleton on Tuesday 12th December with both members and friends gathering in the newly refurbished conservatory for the traditional fayre. A fine evening was had by all with the obligatory after dinner raffle raising funds for the Society.
The last biannual quiz of the year with our friends from the Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club (WADARC) was held on 19th November at Waverton. Running out worthy winners on the night were the WADARC team of Paul G0JZP, Neil M0WBG and Phil G6IIM who are seen receiving the G3PYU Trophy from Paul G3TZO. Both teams are pictured far right with Bruce M0CVP, Bill G6ATO and Question Master Gordon G8MMM. Pics courtesy Chris G0PJX.
At our regular "Bring & Tell" evening on 23rd October Brian G4ZRP brought along his portable 23cm Bow Tie Antenna.With a compact and seemingly easily reproducible design the antenna was the subject of much discussion. Brian is pictured right holding the antenna which has a forward gain of about 8dB. A Link to a similar design is here.  
Our annual construction competition was held on Tuesday 17th September with guest judge Howarth GW3TMP adjudicating. A high level of quality entry's made it difficult to select an overall winner with Howarth deciding to split the 1st prize. Seen jointly receiving the G3FNV shield are Bill G6ATO and Dave G4JMF. As usual all entrants will give a short overview of their projects at the meeting on 1st October.  
On 23rd July we were honoured to receive the RSGB Region 3 Club of the Year Award from RSGB President Dave Wilson, M0OBW, accompanied by RSGB Region 3 Rep Cath Wilson, M1CNY. Dave is pictured right handing the Shield over to 2018 Chairman Glyn GW4MVA. Dave also gave us a very interesting update on all matters RSGB with many questions coming from those assembled.  
The Society used the call GB2SWM to activate Stretton Water Mill near Chester during Mills on the Air weekend on 11th & 12th May. With superb support from the Mill's own volunteers we worked over 91 stations, many of which were other special event Mill callsigns. Members of the Society are pictured right operating our K3 Transceiver feeding a doublet antenna. Superb weather ensured a very enjoyable time for all concerned.
We once again met in friendly battle with Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club (WADARC) on 8th May at the Irby Cricket to play for the G3PYU Trophy. As usual both Radio & General Knowledge questions proved a test for both teams with Chester winning by a narrow margin at the end. WADARC Chairman Paul G0JZP is pictured presenting the trophy to Dave G4JMF accompanied by Bruce M0CVP (L) and Paul G3TZO (R).  
During our meeting on Tuesday Bill Bates G6ATO gave a short talk on the magnetic loop he has constructed. Full details can be found on our Useful Information page. Bill is pictured with the loop antenna (r) constructed using the rim of a bicycle wheel.  


Finishing 2018 off in style the Society held its Xmas Dinner at Cheshire View on 4th December. Pictured l to r are C&DRS Vice Chairman Keith Williams GW4OKT, RSGB RR Area 3 Kath Wilson M1CNY, RSGB President Dave Wilson M0OBW and C&DRS President Brian Austin G0GSF. An excellent evening enjoyed by members and friends.  
On 10th October we joined battle again with the Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club (WADARC) for the G3PYU Trophy. Once again the questions were impossibly difficult with just one point separating the finest brains on each side. Paul G0JZP is pictured right presenting the trophy to Chester Captain Dave G4JMF.  
Wednesday 22nd August saw a few members dusting off their portable kit for an impromptu operation from the Yeld at Kelsall. Pictured right are Bruce G0CVP, Chris G0PJX, Dave GW4XIH and Glynn GW4MVA asking G0PJX XYL Viv how to assemble the antenna! Pictured right is the clubs Elecraft K3 gear.
Tuesday May 29th saw a re-run of the biannual quiz with Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club (WADARC). Keenly contested as ever, with an opportunity to catch up on news from our friends down the Wirral, Chester came out the winners. The photo right shows our Chairman Glynn GW4MVA presenting the winners trophy to Dave, G4JMF.  
The Societies AGM was held on 3rd April 2018 with a great turn out of members. Our new Chairman Glynn GW4MVA (centre front) is pictured with his new, and it has to be said very attractive, team.  


The Annual Xmas Social was held at Cheshire View once again with members and their guests once more enjoying a very convivial evening. Our guest of Honour for the evening was Brian Austin, G0GSF. The raffle produced a very health contribution to club funds!!  
Saturday July 29th saw the Society operating special event call GB2DWR from Llyn Brenig reservoir. The operation was in conjunction with Welsh Water and Wireless in Wales. The focus was on demonstrating amateur radio to the public so numbers of contacts was secondary. That said we worked 72 stations in 24 countries in the 6 hours of operation. Our HF beam is seen supported by a portable hoist (right) and Society members can be seen at the controls (far right).
The delayed Annual Construction Competition was held on 23rd May with guest Judge Dave Wilson M0OBW officiating. Pictured right is Dave G4JMF receiving the G3FNV Shield for his entry. All entrants will have the opportunity to talk about their projects on 18th July.  
On 28th February we received a welcome visit from Colin 9H4CT who gave an excellent run down on Amateur Radio in Malta together with a very interesting presentation on the restoration of an Eddystone 640. An evening of nostalgia for some! Colin is pictured describing his QTH in Gozo.  


We held our annual Xmas Social on Tuesday 6th December with a good turnout of members, partners and other guests. Pictured right are Society President Brian Austin G0GSF presenting the Alan Warne Rosebowl to Phil Gould G4FVZ for his contribution to the success of the Society in 2016. Pictured far right are guests assembling and enjoying the traditional festive meal. Photos courtesy of Dave G4JMF.
On Tuesday 29th November we held our regular inter club quiz with the Wirral & District Radio Society. The photo right shows the two teams deep in thought as they wrestled with both technical & general knowledge questions. As Usual a very tight contest ensued with, on this occasion, Chester managing a narrow win. Pictured far right is the WADARC Secretary Chris, G6XHF, presenting the G3PYU Trophy to Paul G3TZO from the Chester team who also comprised Bruce M0CVP and Phil G4FVZ.
Keith GW4OKT in unusual mode with a microphone on SSB Field Day 3rd September with Phil, G4FVZ logging. Our efforts were sadly curtailed on the day due to a malfunction of the operating tent in a fairly stiff breeze. Pictured far right are the 60ft trailer mast and mono element beam, DCP5 Vertical and our two doublet antennas plus members sheltering from the deluge in the refreshments tent.
Despite much promise of meteorological doom we enjoyed another successful "Radio Picnic" at Llyn Brenig on 2nd August. We operated two QRP stations on the day mostly on 40m and 20m. Callsigns used were GW0TPA/P and GW4JMF/P. Pictured right is Keith GW4OKT who decided he'd like a 4lb 4oz Trout for tea - the trout doesn't look too pleased! Thanks to our visitor Dave who supplied the pics.
We enjoyed our annual "end of season" Pie & Pint Evening on Tuesday 26th July at the Plough Inn, Waverton. Pictured right are just some of the large turn out of members and XYL's who attended.
On 5th July we had a run through in preparation for entering SSB Field Day in September. Pictured right are attempts to stop the operating tent blowing away and the top section of the 60 ft tower on the trailer mast. We hope to full full legal power in the contest with two Doublets, a Vertical and a rotary dipole at 60ft.
On Tuesday 28th June the Society was visited by Rebecca Hughes M6BUB (r) who talked about the work of the RSGB Youth Committee in stimulating younger people to take up the hobby. She was ably supported on the night by Cath Wilson, M1CNY, RSGB Region 3 Representative, Dave Wilson, M0OBW, (l) and Derek Hughes, G7LFC, who talked to us about education & training initiatives from the RSGB.  
Wednesday 27th April saw the annual rematch between Chester & the Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club competing for the G3PYU Trophy. Thirty very testing general knowledge questions were followed by 30 impossible radio questions needing a tie break to separate the well matched teams. Just the one point was enough for Chester to regain the trophy. Pictured are the Chester team of (l to r) Dave G4JMF, Paul G3TZO & Bruce M0CVP. Also pictured 2nd from left is Daniel M6CUL who posed the GK questions.  
Our Annual Construction Competition was held on 26th January with our Judge Howarth, GW3TMP (centre), not able to separate the top two entries resulting in a shared first place for Keith GW4OKT (left) and Alistair G3NHP (right). Photo courtesy of GW4OKT.  
The annual interclub quiz with Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club was held on Tuesday 19th January with a reversal of last years fortunes securing the G3PYU Trophy for Chester. Pictured is the Chester team of (left to right) Bruce M0CVP, Dave G4JMF and Paul G3TZO receiving the Trophy from WADARC Secretary Chris G6XHF who also set the Radio Questions. John G0KKO pictured far right set the General Knowledge Questions. Photo courtesy of Chris G0PJX.  


The Society's Annual Xmas Social took place on 1st December at the Stamford Bridge Inn, Chester. Pictured right are members and guests enjoying their Roast Turkey with all the trimmings. It looks like someone needed to cheer the Chairman up!!

On November 17th the Society hosted a visit by Dr John Gould G3WKL who talked about the work of the RSGB. John is Pictured right presenting the 2015 Alan Warne Rosebowl Trophy to Alistair, G3NHP. The gallery right includes pictures from the evening with visitors from both Wrexham Club and the Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club. Also present were Mark Harper MW1MDH, RSGB Deputy Regional Rep for N. Wales and Kath Wilson M1CNY, RSGB Regional Rep for the North West.

  • John Gould, G3WKL, RSGB President John Gould, G3WKL, RSGB President John explains the work of the RSGB.
  • Dave Wilson M0OBW. Dave Wilson M0OBW. Deputy RSGB RR for Greater Manchester, Dave Wilson, chats with Bruce M0CVP and Bill M3SHK.
  • Paul G3TZO opens the meeting. Paul G3TZO opens the meeting.
  • John G3WKL with a rapt audience. John G3WKL with a rapt audience.

On 28th July we met to enjoy a "Pie & Pint" evening at the Black Dog in Waverton. A good turn out of members, including some past Society members from further afield, enjoyed a convivial evening together.
On 12th August the Society made its regular pilgrimage to Lake Brenig where we operated on HF using various modes including QRP CW. Pictured right is Dave G4JMF operating on 40m using his Racal military man pack on a tactical dipole antenna. Check the gallery right for more photos taken on the day. Click on the larger thumbnail for a full size image.
  • Fishing Pole Antenna Fishing Pole Antenna Tony M0TPA erecting his fibreglass fishing pole mast and antenna.
  • Gone fishing! Gone fishing! Keith GW4OKT off duty catching supper.
  • At ease. At ease. Members relaxing in the warm summer sunshine.
  • Erection problems. Erection problems. Bruce M0CVP and Tony M0TPA sort out the guys for the mast.
  • Chairman on the air. Chairman on the air. Paul, G3TZO, operating on 40m.

Tuesday 27th January was the occasion of our Annual Construction Competition with a high standard of entries judged by Howarth, GW3TMP. Howarth was unable to separate the two best entries and is pictured handing over the G3FNV Shield to Les G0NMD and Dave G4JMF. All entrants will be describing their projects at the Societies meeting on 17th February.  
On 20th Jan we met again with our friends from the Wirral & District Radio Club to play for the G3PYU Trophy. Fiendish questions on Amateur Radio and General Knowledge resulted in a narrow but convincing win for Wirral. Our Chairman, Paul G3TZO, is pictured handing over the trophy to the victorious Wirral team.  


Our Annual Xmas Social took place at the Stamford Bridge Inn, Chester on 16th December. Members are pictured enjoying the seasonal fayre.
On 23rd April we renewed intellectual battle with the Wirral & District Radio Society at their Irby Cricket Club HQ. A tense contest was unresolved after 30 questions and went to a tie break which also proved inconclusive. The stalemate was finally broken by going to sudden death questions with Wirral clinching the G3PYU from us. The victorious Wirral Team are pictured right. The Chester team was Dave G4JMF, Bruce M0CVP and Les G0NMD. Thanks to all who took part.  
On 21st Jan we held our Annual Construction Competition. Pictured right is Dave G4JMF being presented with the G3FNV Shield by our esteemed judge for the evening Howarth GW3TMP. Dave's successful project was a Universal Aerial Matching Unit which has 5 different modes of operation capable of handling 100w and equipped with an RF current meter. As Dave says you just "tune for maximum smoke". All entrants of the competition will describe their projects at our meeting on 4th February.  


The Society held its Annual Christmas Social on 17th December at Cheshire View in Christleton. A good turn of out members, XYL's and guests enjoyed a festive meal and good company. Pictured right Dave Hicks (G6IFA) is presenting the Alan Warne Rosebowl Trophy to Keith Williams (GW4OKT) for meritorious service to the Society over a number of years.  
Tuesday 29th October saw the return of the popular inter club quiz between the Chester & DRS and Wirral & District ARC at Burley Hall, Waverton. Two crack teams battled it out over two rounds of Radio & General Knowledge questions. Chester just kept themselves ahead at the end with Paul, G3TZO, C&DRS Chairman pictured right receiving the trophy from WADRC member Gordon, G8MMM. The Chester team consisted of Bruce M0CVP, Dave G4JMF and Paul G3TZO.  

A nice article which details the activities at Fort Perch Rock back in May (see below) appeared in the September issue of Practical Wireless.

Pictures were supplied by David G3UFO and Neils M0WBG. The text demonstrates quite clearly how much work David G3UFO and others put into this event to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.

The 6th of August saw the Society head over the border to GW operating from the shores of Llyn Brenig. A good turn out of members was rewarded by fine weather for a picnic lunch and a little HF operation. Pictured right is Bruce, M0CVP, with his IC706 Mk 2 transceiver feeding a Home Brew multiband vertical antenna. Pictured far right are a small selection of other photos taken on the day.
  • Steve, G6FDK, operating a little CW on the KX3.
  • Llyn Brenig provides a super venue for portable operations.
  • Dave, G4JMF, operating 40m SSB with his military man pack equipment to a tactical dipole.

On Tuesday 23rd July we visited Delamere Forest for a spot of QRP operating. Pictured right is Keith GW4OKT demonstrating his Elecraft K2 transceiver and far right Les G0NMD with his Elecraft K1 rig. An ultra light weight portable dipole antenna was used which used shorting sections to adjust the length of each leg of the antenna as necessary. CW was the predominant mode with success working into N America and Europe on 17m.
On Wednesday 22nd May the Society took part in operations to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. Pictured right are Society members outside Fort Perch Rock where the station was located. Far right Paul G3TZO operated the Societies Elecraft K3 on 40m SSB with Brian G3TXH keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. The event was managed by David G3UFO.
Wednesday 11th April saw the annual challenge to secure the G3PYU Trophy between the Chester & DRS and Wirral & District ARC at the Irby Cricket Club. A Super evening was had with WADRC providing great hospitality to their visitors. Despite fiendishly difficult Radio & General Knowledge questions (again) Chester just took the honours. Pictured right is WADRC Chairman Steve G7BBF handing the G3PYU Trophy to the Chester & DRS team comprised of Paul G3TZO, Bruce M0CVP and Dave G4JMF. Photos Keith GW4OKT (Left) & Ken M0DDD (Right)
Tuesday 22nd January saw intrepid members gathering at 09.00 at a snow covered Waverton Institute to take part in the RSGB's Centenary celebrations. Seen here (left) erecting the HF doublet antenna are Andy MM6KLB, Dave G4JMF, Chris G0PJX, Bruce M0CVP and Keith GW4OKT. Pictured right are society members operating our Elecraft K3 rig using the special call G100RSGB. A total of 169 contacts were made on HF with VK, W6 as best DX. Modes used included SSB, CW and PSK31.

A video shot by Andy MM6KLB depicting operations at the Waverton Institute on 22nd Jan can be viewed in glorious HD here. It should stream without any problem if you select a resolution of 720p or if like M0CVP you have BT Infinity then 1080p !!
The Society held its annual construction competition on January 15th with many interesting and well constructed entries. Judging was undertaken by Howarth, GW3TMP, who adjudged the Portable Delta Loop Antenna built by David, G3UFO, as winner. David is pictured (R) receiving the G3FNV Shield from our Chairman G3TZO. All entrants will have the chance to describe their projects at our meeting on 5th March.  


The Society held its Christmas Social at Cheshire View on 18th December with guest of honour Brian Austin G0GSF with his XYL Pam Austin in attendance. Once again the event was well attended with everyone getting into the early Xmas spirit. Pictured here is Brian (right) handing over the Alan Warne Rosebowl Trophy to this years recipient Paul G3TZO.  
On 30th May we accepted a challenge from the WAB Group to activate GX4WAB in recognition of the Olympic Torch passing through Chester. Pictured right are Brian G3TXH (with mic) ably assisted by Bruce,MOCVP in working a massive 40m pile up. Picture far right (top) is Keith GW4OKT operating from his car on 6m with super results. His vehicle and dipole antenna are pictured far right. Also captured for posterity was Society President Dave, G6IFA, encouraging former Secretary Barbara to do a few running repairs on the doublet antenna. The Society was rewarded for it efforts by WAB with a certificate of thanks.
The weekend of May 18/19 May saw another successful Foundation Licence course taking place at the Society's Burley Hall HQ. Pictured right are the three successful candidates Duncan, Mike and Andy. Prize for the furthest to travel had to go to Andy who lives in Kinlochbervie Sutherland (QRA IO78LK and WAB NC25). Andy hopes to be operational on HF later in the Summer. Well done again to course tutors John G0KKO and Bruce M0CVP. Photo courtesy of Andy Dawson, MM6KLB.  
The Society held its Annual Dinner on 15th May at Cheshire View. Once again a great evening was had by all with a good turn out of members, wives and visitors including RSGB Region 3 Representative Kath Wilson, M1CNY. The evening proved to be a notable one for the Society with Guest of Honour, RSGB President Dave Wilson, M0OBW, presenting Society Chairman Paul Holland, G3TZO, with the RSGB Region 3 Club of the Year Award for 2011. Excitement grew in the latter part of the evening as the raffle took place with Society President Dave Hicks, G6IFA, pictured far right, reading out one of the lucky winning ticket numbers. Photos courtesy Brian G3TXH.
The Society once again pit its wits against the finest brains from Wirral & District Radio Club on 11th April. Despite fiendish general knowledge questions, which left both teams in disarray, Chester came out narrow winners. Superb hospitality was provided by Wirral once again with the event enjoyed by all who attended. Paul, G3TZO, C&DRS Chairman is pictured right receiving the G3PYU trophy from WADRC Chairman Gordon, G8MMM. Pictured far right are the Chester team comprising Dave G4JMF, Bruce M0CVP and Paul G3TZO. Photos courtesy Brian M6OXO.
27th March saw the launch of our "Operating Afternoons" which coincided with the early but brief Summer we are apparently having this year. Superb weather provided an excellent opportunity to play with the Doublet Antenna and operate HF and 6m. Pictured right are some of the members who attended during the afternoon at Waverton Institute. Pictured far right is Keith, GW4OKT, trying a little CW on the Society's K3 transceiver. Photos courtesy Brian M6OXO.
Success once again for the dynamic duo of John G0KKO and Bruce M0CVP as 6 more successful candidates pass the foundation licence course held over the weekend of 24th/25th February 2012. Pictured left to right are the happy candidates Christopher Wilsher, Graham Thomas, Anthony New, Michael Wilsher, Paul Hutchings and Nicholas Wrigley. Those wishing to take part in a future Foundation Licence course should contact the Society's Hon Sec.  
On February 21st we were joined by guest speaker Brian Austin G0GSF (formerly ZS6BKW) who gave a fascinating talk on all things relating to propagation and antennas. A packed lecture room was enthralled at learning the mysteries of naval ELF communications, how the military use trees as radiators and much more. Brian talked about his own ZS6BKW Multiband antenna and how it compared to the less efficient G5RV. Check the Noticeboard for useful links. Brian is pictured left with chairman Paul, G3TZO. Pictures courtesy Brian M6OXO.


The Society held its Annual Christmas Dinner at Cheshire View near Chester on Tuesday 13th December. Pictured right is guest of honour RSGB President Dave Wilson, M0OBW, presenting the G4EZO Rose Bowl to Bruce Sutherland M0CVP. Also pictured far right are some of the many guests who enjoyed the evening including RSGB Region 3 Representative Kath Wilson, M1CNY.
Very pleased looking members of the Chester team accept the plaudits and trophy following another close match in the biennial inter club quiz with Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club on 4th October. Pictured left (left to right) are Gordon G8MMM (Chairman WADRC) with the Chester team comprising Bruce M0CVP, Dave G4JMF and Paul G3TZO. Pictured right (left to right) are the WADRC representatives featuring Gordon G8MMM with his team comprising Brian M6OXO, Phil G6IIM and Bob G4NCI.
The weekend of 30/31 July saw the Society taking a very active part in the British inland Waterways on the air event (BiWota). Operating stations on VHF and HF we were active for 6 hours each day using the call GB0NWM on SSB,CW, FM and PSK31. The various photos right show the barge "Bigmere", located at the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port, from which we operated. Over 125 stations were worked during the event for whom there will be a special event QSL card. Operations from Bigmere
Our meeting on 7th June saw an excellent turnout of members to greet Roger Alexander 2E0WWZ, GM Raynet Controller, and Chris Moulding G4HYG who gave an interesting and well illustrated talk on all matters RAYNET. Details are now on the Noticeboard for links to some very interesting software used by the GM RAYNET group which stimulated much discussion during the evening. Pictured left to right are Chris and Roger during their talk last night.  
The Society held its ever popular Annual Dinner at Cheshire View on Tuesday 17th May with Practical Wireless Editor Rob Mannion G3XFD, EI5IW as guest of honour. An excellent turn out of members and guests heard Rob give his first ever after dinner speech to a Radio Society. Rob regaled us with a humorous recounting of his many visits to Societies around the country and displayed his enduring enthusiasm for the hobby. Pictured right our President Dave Hicks, G6IFA, invites Rob to "say a few words". Photo - Keith GW4OKT Annual Dinner 2011 Rob Mannion G3XFD
Proving inconclusively the myth that Amateur Radio is not a glamorous pastime the photo (right) shows Paul G3TZO, Bruce M0CVP and Dave G4JMF erecting a portable mast during operations at the Hanmer Arms on May 3rd. David G3UFO and his team are pictured in the distance working a little HF CW. A beautiful day provided the opportunity to combine a nice lunch for YL's and XYL's with some relaxed radio operating. Photo courtesy of guest photographer Janice Sutherland. Hanmer Arms May 2011  
Chester & District Radio Society and the Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club joined battle again in the biennial inter-club quiz held at Irby Cricket Ground on 13th April. A well supported evening saw a close contest with both sides evenly matched. Chester came out with their mobile whips just in front with Paul, G3TZO, pictured right receiving the G3PYU trophy from Gordon, G8MMM.  
The Society organised a radio operating weekend for 610 Squadron Air Training Corp (Chester) at their ATC premises in Abbots Park, Chester over the weekend 19th-20th March. The Society operated on various bands demonstrating Amateur Radio to the Cadets present. The weekend also featured a display of military radio equipment of mixed vintage. Thanks to John Langan G0KKO who liaised with the Cadets to make this day the success it was.
During our Operating Evening on 29th March Alistair Peacock, G3NHP, led an informal discussion on the proposed L/C Meter Kit Project. Pictured right are some of the members keen to take part in the project. Designed as a low cost introduction to home brew construction the prototype L/C meter demonstrated by Alistair performed exceptionally well. Details of the project will be confirmed after the next Committee Meeting on 12th April. L/C Meter Project Group L/C Meter Prototype


On Tuesday 14th December the Society held its Annual Christmas Dinner at Cheshire View near Chester. Pictured right is our guest of Honour RSGB President Dave Wilson, M0OBW, presenting the 2010 Construction Contest winner Bruce, M0CVP, with the G3FNV Shield. Also pictured right is Dave Hicks, G6IFA, welcoming guests, Dave Wilson, M0OBW with XYL Kath, M1CNY, responding to guests, Keith Williams, GW4OKT receiving the G4EZO Rose Bowl and some of the many guests who enjoyed the evening. M0CVP receives his award    
G6IFA welcomes guests Dave Wilson M0OBW
GW4OKT Some of the guests attending
On Sunday 17th October the Society held it's final "Radio Picnic" of the year at the Chester Motor Boat Club in Sandy Lane, Chester. Operation took place on all HF bands plus 2m. The event was well supported by members who enjoyed a reviving bowl of soup at lunchtime to keep them going. Pictured here (front) is Paul GW0WTT operating HF on the Society's K3 transceiver and Phil G3SES assisting Dave G4JMF on the FT897 2m operation. See also the additional pictures in the gallery (right) courtesy of Brian M6OXO Chester MBC Oct 2010
Our meeting on 5th October took the form of a re-match in the ever popular inter club quiz series with Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club. This time the Chester & District Amateur Radio Society took the honours with team captain Dave, G4JMF, pictured here being presented with the trophy by Eric, G6HWD. Presentation  
Pictured at our last Committee Meeting on 8th June was Treasurer Brian G3TXH presenting the Society's cheque for £450 to Chairman John G0KKO in support of the RSGB's Spectrum Defence Fund. Look out in the July Radcom for publication of the photo and our press release. Cheque Presentation June 2010  
The Society held it's Annual Dinner on Tuesday 25th May at Cheshire View in the delightful village of Christleton near Chester. A beautiful May evening provided the backdrop for an excellent meal which was enjoyed by members and visitors alike. Annual Dinner 2010  
The Society's new Moonraker portable 40ft mast had it's first outing on Tuesday 18th May at the Waverton Institute. Pictured congratulating themselves after successfully hoisting the 80m dipole aloft are Dave G4JMF, Bruce M0CVP and Derek M1SUM. The new venue for Operating Evenings (which is immediately adjacent to the Society's normal meeting venue at the Burley Hall) proved a great success. Waverton Institute  
Pictured here operating from the Conservatory of the Waverton Institute is Keith G4OKT operating the Elecraft K3 on 80m. Conditions on 80m proved to be excellent with many stations being worked with good reports during the evening. G4OKT  
Tuesday 11th May saw the Society once again descending on the Hanmer Arms near Whitchurch for a session of outdoor radio operating and a very pleasant lunch. The day was blessed by excellent weather and was enjoyed by all there on the day. Pictured right is Bruce, M0CVP, operating his IC706 Mk II with a centre loaded vertical on 40m. His best contact of the day was central France running 100w. M0CVP  
An admiring crowd gathered to listen to Dave, G4JMF, working into Europe on 40m using a centre fed dipole on 40m. The antenna was held on a temporary 20ft mast with the antenna ends supported by a conveniently located lamp post and fence. Dave was using his Collins military man pack running off batteries. We look forward to another Hanmer trip in the future. G4JMF  

Wednesday April 15th saw the latest round of the fiercely contested inter club quiz series between Chester & DRS and Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club held at Irby Cricket Ground. On this occasion a narrow points win saw our friends from the Wirral lift the trophy. Pictured here is Gordon G8MMM handing the trophy to team captain Phil G6IIM. (Photo G3TZ0)

Prize Giving  
Pictured right are the two teams. Left to right are John G0KKO, Bruce MOCVP, Dave G4JMF (Chester team) and Bob G4NCI, Tom G4BKF and Phil G6IIM (Wirral team). Question Masters Simon 2E0BDO and Paul G3TZO are not pictured. The Chester team were well looked after on the night with a superb buffet provided by our hosts. (Photo G3TZO) Wirral & Chester Teams  

Dateline Tuesday 2nd February.

The Society's annual construction competition was held on 15th December with prizes being awarded in two categories. Dave Ollerhead G4JMF is pictured here being presented with the G3FNV Shield by Dave Hicks G6IFA. This trophy was awarded in the Semi Professional category for Dave's impressively enhanced AR3030 receiver. Derrick Sumner M1SUM (not pictured) was awarded the G3EWZ Award in the Kitchen Table category for his one valve HF TRF receiver. (Photo Courtesy of Chris G0PJX)

Prize Winner  
Tuesday 26th January saw the re launch of Operating Evenings. Chris G0PJX and Bruce M0CVP erected a doublet antenna using a portable mast erected just outside of the club room. Keith GW4OKT brought his Elecraft K3 transceiver to allow members to see him put it through its paces. Alan G8OJQ is pictured deep in concentration as he works the DX (Upton I think?) Derek M1SUM is poised to assist with logging. (Photo courtesy of Keith GW4OKT)
Operating Night January 2010


Tuesday 1st December was the date for the Society's Annual Christmas Social.This year saw an excellent turn out of members and guests at the Whitby Sports & Social Club in Ellesmere Port. An excellent meal was followed by the usual raffle and an entertaining general knowledge quiz organised by Alan, G8OJQ. (Photo courtesy of Ray Williams, G1PRL) Xmas Social Dec 09  
On 27th October Chris Pearson,G5VQ, a trustee of the RAIBC and Editor of their Radial Magazine traveled from Pontefract to talk to us. Chris outlined the history of RAIBC and provided an excellent summary of all the good work they undertake on behalf of disabled radio amateurs in the UK. Chris Pearson  
On 1st September Roger Howell's, G8GWX, gave a very interesting lecture on the procurement and deployment of new analytical systems at the Countess of Chester. Roger Howells  
Members of the Society in wrapt attention listening to Roger as he described his involvement in the introduction of the new NHS systems that tests blood and other samples taken from patients which is now operational at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Attentive members  


During the Month of August there were no formal meetings although as the pictures below show we still made time to get together and enjoy the summer weather.

Our June excursion to the Hanmer Arms proved so popular members clamoured for a repeat performance which took place on Tuesday 18th August at the same venue. The weather was again kind to us and this time ALL the equipment performed well!! Photos courtesy of Brian G3TXH.

Lunchtime at the Hanmer proved very popular - we did get back to operating the Radios eventually though.

Lunch time at the Hanmer Arms

Chris G0PJX operating his portable set up on 40m using a long wire antenna. It looks as if operating a radio station can be thirsty work!

G0PJX Portable

The neat and effective portable set up for Brian G3TXH who used a mobile whip designed by Moonraker. It's all very tidy in there........

G3TXH Mobile  

Highlighted below is the "Radio Picnic" which took place at the Hanmer Arms, Near Whitchurch on June 30th 2009. A beautifully warm morning turned into a showery afternoon with a good turn out of members enjoying the pubs hospitality. Photos courtesy of Brian G3TXH

Operating a combination of military and commercial HF equipment Dave G4JMF tries a call on 80m using a tactical dipole antenna in the pub gardens.

Pictured are (left to right) Dave G6IFA, John G0KKO, Dave G4JMF, Andy (SWL) and Paul G3TZO

Dave G4JMF

Looking very cool and organised is Bruce M0CVP pictured setting up his IC706 Mk II for a spot of 2m operation.

Bruce M0CVP  

A view of the Hanmer Pub gardens and Chris G0PJX (right centre of photo) who appears to be the only member to have spotted the UFO just about to attack the tactical dipole antenna!

Chris G0PJX